York/Sheridan Program in Design
January - April 2021

Discovering and connecting a global community of agencies to grow your business

Tandem product design
A solo project
Research Designer, Product Designer
Completed competitive analysis, feature mapping using the MoSCoW method, user research, and flowchart diagrams in the initial design stage. Desktop and mobile wireframes, prototypes, and usability testing were conducted for the remaining 3 months.
4 months
Special thanks to design mentor and creative director at Catalyst Workshop, Adam Rallo.
Problem Scenario

Jacqueline is the owner of Whalar, an Australian fitness brand that wants to reach Canadian fans

Jacqueline’s goal is to expand her Australian-based business into the Toronto market and diversify her target audience. She sees potential for growth but wants to know if there is demand for Whalar's services in Toronto before jumping in.
Jacqueline the user
Jacqueline's Pain Points
Consumers expect 5 years of experience when small businesses can only afford 2
Canadian consumers are less likely to try new products without seeing positive reviews
Whalar is a trusted company in Australia but has no history in Canada
Competitors have the upper hand by already having established roots in Canada
Product Solution

Tandem helps you grow your business by matching you with the right agency

Tandem helps business owners like Jacqueline connect with experienced marketing agencies that can establish her brand and help her reach new consumers.
Tandem product solutionTandem product display
Client Need #1

Jacqueline wants to efficiently search and discover marketing agencies that match her requirements

search and filter agencies with Tandemdiscover recommended agencies with Tandem Recommended agencies from TandemTandem has assisted actions
Client Need #2

Jacqueline wants to scout potential partners by reviewing agencies' qualifications and previous experiences

It was not efficient for her to read RFP's for each agency

In the first iteration, agencies would write a project proposal to businesses that need marketing services. This system was problematic due to the inability to easily align both users' needs, and inconveniences businesses to find a fitting proposal.

The new design used case studies to show an agency's previous experience

By using case studies, she could quickly assess their skill and work style based on their previous projects. She was more engaged in searching for an agency but had some difficulty navigating the features in this design iteration.
sort through agency listingsview case studies that show an agency's previous experienceCase study descriptionAgency FAQAgency reviewsOther locations of the agency
Client Need #3

Jacqueline is interested in a marketing agency and wants to quickly assess if they are the right partner for her business

form design 1form design 2form design 3form design 4
Final Prototype

Product Review

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